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4 Genius Organizing Ideas to keep Your house tidy

13 Sep 2022


It is difficult for many people to keep their homes tidy, which is caused by the layout of the house and storage methods.  As long as you grasp the secrets of spatial planning and utilization, you can make your home tidy and orderly.


Living room organization

The living room is an important area for friends and guests to visit, so you need to pay attention to show the master's taste of life.

  1. Classify items and put the similar items in storage bins to hide debris.
  2. Decorate your house withArtwork, collection and book to get the glamour. Multi-color storage bins are suitable for a variety of interior styles.
  3. The storage bins should also be used as a bench in the corridor. Use the storage bins so you had somewhere to sit and take your shoes off or put them on, and then put them away.


Closet organization:

If you have a small closet like most of us do, you have to be organized to make it feel bigger.  

  1. Sort the clothes by types, such as jeans, sweaters, and dresses.
  2. organized them in the storage bins and then put them in the closet
  3. the storage bins with a transparent panel which could see the things inside and easy to take out.

Kitchen organization

Kitchen is a place where cooking food every day, and there are many things such as pots, pans,sauces, and so on. If you organized them without an organization system, cabinets will be one of the easiest areas to get cluttered in a kitchen... Here are some ideas you can organize your cabinets.

  1. Create a kitchen declutter checklist that will help you declutter by different kitchen categories.
  2. Use storage bins and stacked them up to increase the storage capacity of cabinets.
  3. Fill these storage bins with similar items.


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